united goodyear firefighters charities

The Mission

The United Goodyear Firefighters charities have been a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization since 2007. We take pride in the professionalism, integrity, and honor of our community through relationships and partnerships. We have teamed up with community leaders, private businesses, Goodyear citizens, and other nonprofits to support and assist people in need while bringing awareness through positive interactions. The UGFF charities executive board is a diverse group of individuals in all ranks and backgrounds built to meet the needs of our community. We believe in our mission, members, and their families. One of our most highly sought values is relationship; not just within our own local, but locals in the valley and across our nation. We take pride in not only caring for our own, but any IAFF member who wanders into our region. As a group, it is our mission to treat everyone like our family. With our diverse backgrounds and passion to step beside you in all you go through, we are here for you.

Here Are Some Of Our Events

Charities Director

Zack was elected in 2021 and is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and coordinating all elements relating to the UGFF Charities Division. He works diligently to ensure that our Local is present in the community and creates relationships that have a long-lasting impact on those we serve.